Mardanis Marine

Who we are?

Authorized shop and workshop of outboard engines and marine engines.

Mardanis Marine has been active in Volos in the field of trade, maintenance & repair of yachts and marine engines since 2004. In a covered area of 980 square meters we can successfully implement any modern construction or architectural requirement related to the boat.

The company operates as an authorized store and workshop of outboard engines and marine engines, polyester and inflatable boats, as well as trading in marine equipment, spare parts and lubricants.

Based on our many years of experience, technical training and logistics, we have created a space of high standards in order to best serve you. The company has a modern workshop of outboard, inside and outside marine engines, in which tests, repairs, installations and maintenance are performed.

Finally, Mardanis Marine represents branded products necessary for the maintenance and support of the needs of a yacht while providing full technical support in the repair and maintenance of marine engines by having an authorized workshop for the following brands:

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